Ralphie's of Holualoa is the food area of ralphiescafe.com. Until we have more to say, here are a few pictures of some of the things we have done that we would like people to see...unlike some of the other things we have done which we would rather people didn't see.

This is a mango mousse and coconut torte that we made for a wedding in our back yard.
A Kirschwasser torte topped with chocolate curls is very tasty with a visually stunning presentation that's difficult and annoying to cut. Just give everyone a fork and encourage them to be nice to each other.
An array of goodies. A Dobos torte surrounded by a strawberry tart, lemon custard tart, raspberry tart, chocolate eclair and a cherry frangipane tart.
An assortment of mini pastries including lemon custard tartlettes, strawberry mousse tartlettes, cherries in kirsch and white chocolate, profiteroles, and chocolate mousse petit-fours.