Digital Video Services

We at Milliways recognize the budgetary restraints of most independent artists. We are artists too (or we like to think so). Rates will vary on the complexity of your project. We list rates below as a starting point, but we do not like to charge by the hour since most projects do take a long time to put together and we strive to make our work “State of the Heart.” All rates will be negotiable but some examples would be:

Video Editing by the Hour:
We use: Mini-DV & JVC S-VHS deck. Matrox RT-2000, Adobe Premiere 6.0, and Adobe After Effects 5.0.

This is the transfer of video, graphics, and audio material to the computer drives prior to editing.

We use: Photoshop, Canvas, Title Express, Adobe After Effects 5.0

Mastering from Computer:
This is recording to a DVCAM, Mini-DV or S-VHS master.  The other side of Capturing/Logging.

Narration and Sound Recording:
We use: Gold Wave audio, Acid Music, with a variety of microphones and/or a real breathing musician (these are obviously extra)

With Canon GL-1, and/or Canon Optura DVCAM, and we like a half day minimum.

This all means that:
An actor’s tape (head shot) of no more than two minutes in length would probably be around $100*
A short film (i.e. an audition tape) under ten minutes would probably be $200 - $400*
Filming by us and editing by us will probably start at $300*

Money is one reference for value and only one out of endless reference points for value. The mutual exchange of valued objects or services to fulfill an individual or collective want or need is what commerce means to us.
This means we want to be flexible and if you have something to offer that we need, we can maybe provide you with what you need.

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