Babsie just finished painting the new sign
Cleaning the deli case from the inside out.
View from behind the deli case during cleaning
The first sale July 3, 2003, 1:00 AM
Fritz the Cat and Kwan Yin on the bookcase
Light creeps up one mountain as the sun goes behind another
Steve and the Harley he rebuilt, July 4th 2003
Ralphie under the Mimosa, happy from lack of sleep
People in the hood raising the hood. No-one here is sane!
Magically, it is lifted, held, and bolted. No one gets hurt
Dusk at Mimosa Market. We are open until 9 PM.
When you walk in the door, the produce greets you first.
Nic cleaning the cooler from the inside out.
Levels and Squares were not used when Bisbee was built..
Sanding the floor and inhaling 100 years of history.
A view of the hillside from the porch of Old Tymers Biker Bar.
Litz playing with the electicity while Ralphie lies in State.
Looking down the porch of the store at sunset.
New pictures from the ongoing growing of the newest oldest grocery store in Bisbee, Arizona.